Employment Law — Federal Employment

bureaucratIf you work for the federal government and are facing challenges with your employment call us as soon as possible. Our legal team will work with you to respond to proposed suspension, proposed removal, reasonable accommodation requests, discrimination, failure to promote, etc. We will assist in negotiations and if necessary litigation before the Equal Opportunity Commission (EEOC), The Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB), appeals before the Disciplinary Appeals Board (DAB) and the National Practitioners Databank (NPDB). We represent employees that work for the federal government in all agencies in the United States. We have been successful in preventing suspensions and removals from federal service; litigated and won cases of equal pay violations, race discrimination in promotion, hostile work environment before the Equal Employment Commission (EEOC); settled cases involving proposed removal before the Merit System Protection Board (MSPB) and settled many cases involving race discrimination, failure to accommodate, sexual harassment, hostile work environment, and retaliation.

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Employment Law- Private Sector

workerThere are many forms of work place violations. You may have been doing everything right at work and your employer passes you over for promotion when you were the most qualified for the position. This may be because of your race, national origin, sex or sexual orientation. You may have been injured at the job or developed an illness that prevents you from working as you did before and your request for reasonable accommodation is denied. Your supervisor may have been mistreating you and making it difficult for you to work or may have been making unwanted sexual advances to you.

Our firm has been committed to fighting for fair treatment and equality in the workplace for all employees. Federal and state laws make it illegal to discriminate against an employee or job applicant in any way based on his or her race, color, national origin, religion pregnancy, sex, gender, familiar status, age, genetic information, and disability. If you are having any issues at work, please complete a case Evaluation Form (Link to Form)

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Employment Law- Doctors and Nurses at the VA 

healthcareDoctors, nurses and other professional working for the Veterans Administration Health Care Systems are Title 38 employees and are treated differently than other federal employees.  Some professionals come under the authority of both Title 38 and Title 5. Discipline, adverse employment decisions, discriminatory issues and appeals are handled differently. Title 38 employees serve two years probationary periods; staff appointments and medical privileges are handled through the Professional Standards Board (PSB); disciplinary matters not relating to professional conduct or competence are handled through an Administrative Investigation Board (AIB) or other review authority and then the medical center director.  Doctors, nurses and other professional are entitled to due process notice and an opportunity to respond in writing and to meet with the medical center director. You need an attorney on your side as soon as you receive notice of any proposed disciplinary action.

Disciplinary matters involving professional conduct or competence are very serious as they have damaging implications on the doctor, nurse or other professional’s license and ability to practice.  A report to the license board is the last thing a doctor or nurse wants. Retain an attorney as soon as you receive notice any disciplinary action or summary suspension. Our attorneys are versed with the various laws, regulations, bylaws and process and will stand with you through the PSB, the Executive Committee of the Medical Staff (ECMS), the medical center director and if necessary litigation with the Disciplinary Appeals Board (DAB). We have represented doctors, nurses and other professionals at various VA medical centers in Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska and North and South Dakota. If you are faced with any proposed disciplinary action, please complete a case Evaluation Form (Link to Form)

Name, email, phone number Address, name of employer, title of position, dates of employment; details of legal issue.


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