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Visa Program Agreement

The AFL-CIO and the U.S Chamber of Commerce have come to an agreement on three basic principles for a visa program for low-skilled workers. The agreement is significant step forward for immigration reform efforts for the bipartisan Senate working group, who brought the two influential groups to the table to find common ground on one of the most controversial pieces of immigration reform. Read more.

Anti-Amnesty Groups Ready for Immigration Battle

Anti-Amnesty Groups Prepare for Immigration Battle: As the Republican Party redefines its boundaries on immigration reform, conservative immigration groups are working overtime to remind members that a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants is bad politics. Read more.

Obama's 13-Year Wait

Undocumented immigrants would have 13-year wait for citizenship under Obama plan - Washington Post Under a White House immigration reform plan leaked to press over the weekend, the path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants would begin with “Lawful Prospective Immigrant Status" and culminate with citizenship after a wait of at least 13 years. Read more.